Marketing on the Internet...
No Embroidery. Just the truth about the Web.
Be found. Be read. Be acted upon.

Or you're dead or as good as.

As a business or organisation you need to be found, be read and be acted upon. Failure in any of these stages of communication and you're literally wasting your time and money.

From a marketing point of view, the Internet is considered by many to be no different from any other communication medium. In reality it can be dramatically cheaper and it has a phenomenally larger reach for small/medium sized businesses and organisations. In fact it's Global.

Like chalk and cheese

Also the Internet is a totally different beast to other forms of communication. You cannot compare it to the passive communication mediums like TV, Radio, publishing and print.

The Internet is an interactive communication medium.
Your web audience, your web customers can't just sit back and get spoon fed your message. They have to actively seek you out.

The Internet is an interactive, 'unstratified', communication medium.
The web can be used to communicate one to one or just as easily one to millions. There are no cost barriers to your broadcast reach. There is an abundance of choices and voices in this 'democratic' world.

The Internet is an interactive, 'unstratified', multi-channelled, communication medium.
There are a multitude of ways to get your message across: emails, instant messaging, chat rooms, mobile picture and text messaging, message boards, forums, blogs, social network sites, video conferencing, remote presentations, viral campaigns, text advertisements, banner advertisements, RSS feeds, and of course websites. The methods of delivering your message are only limited by time and imagination.

It's not all sunshine and superlatives

There is a downside to the Internet. The web's sheer size is daunting. It's complex. It's decentralised to the core. It's in state of continuous change through growth and innovation. For large or small organisations, these factors make the web a true marketing challenge.

Before you start thinking of a website or web presence you need to do some serious mental exercises with your grey matter. You need to think of how your business or organisation is going to be found. How are you going to establish an Internet presence? Unlike TV, radio, publishing or direct marketing there are no guaranteed audience figures to pitch your message to on the Internet. What there is is some 8 billion plus web pages sitting in cyberspace. Islands of information and chatter. Your customers have to pick you out. It is not an easy prospect.

Unless the web address pointing to your website is 'known' on the Internet or 'known' to your customers in the 'conventional' world offline your voice will never be heard. Sadly this is the fate of countless small businesses.

It's not all doom and gloom

There is a way to approach it. But where do you start. Forget the technologies. The Internet is basically about people communicating. So it is back to marketing basics. You need to put yourself in your customer's shoes. Think about what they really want from you and how they might want it delivered to them. Knowing this is the only way you are going to have any long term measurable success with an Internet presence. This is true whether you're selling services, products or information. Marketing on the Internet is very much like fishing. If you know your fish, what it feeds on, where, when and how it feeds you have a better chance of catching it.

You need help

Armed with knowledge about your customers and their needs and desires you can start to get help to build a web presence. And there is help a plenty out there. There are thousands upon thousands of 'experts'. Many are charlatans, many are ignorant or just plain mediocre. Money will not necessarily differentiate who is who. By word of mouth recommendations will certainly help. Background research and reading will help make informed judgments. And Left Angle Communications will help you too.

You'll get help

In the coming weeks and months Left Angle will be publishing more articles on how to produce and implement a unified web strategy for marketing your business or organisation on the Internet.

You'll get the nitty gritty on effective website construction, website design, search engine optimisation, content creation and copy writing. Plus ideas on how to market and kick start your web presence off line in the 'real' world.

You'll learn how to assess the experts you come across. Find out whether they are really up to scratch. Will they help or hinder your ambitions?

You'll be pointed to experts, resources and articles that will help you.

It will be all delivered to you in plain English without the jargon and no embroidery.

You'll get freebies

No idle promise. In the pipeline are freebies that will be useful at making your website sticky or just entertaining.

If you'd like to register so that you can be told when new articles and freebies have been released please do so. If you need immediate help with marketing, web design, copy writing, search engine optimisation, animation and video production please use or use our contact form.