Making life just a little easier with freebies.

A clean slate.

As a part of Left Angle's web marketing strategy we are offering you freebies. If you are a Sudoku fan we know what it is like. Sometimes you can mess up a Sudoku grid and need to start over. A clean good sized grid would help. Click and download our free Sudoku grid and print off as many as you want.

A Win Win Situation

Getting people to regularly visit your website is a must. We can provide you with regularly updated puzzles and games corner for your website - free. Yes free! It's not madness. It's part of our link strategy. We provide you with a link from your site to your 'sponsored by you' puzzle page on our site. These puzzles are regularly updated.

With no effort you get a valuable asset to encourage repeat traffic to your site and we get a valuable link from you. So why not register now for free puzzles? You can do it for your business or personal web site or both.

We are starting off with 5 different puzzles. There will be more coming on stream to choose from:

  • A long crossword with cryptic and concise clues
  • A quick concise crossword
  • The ever popular Sudoku in 3 versions, easy, hard and extreme
  • Cross code where you have uncover the correct words in the grid
  • Boxogram, a puzzle for angram lovers.
Graphic of Crossword puzzle
An interactive crossword. Type in letters and you can check if your effort is correct
Graphic of Sudoku puzzle
A Sudoku you can play on line.
Graphic of Cross code puzzle
An addictive puzzle - the Cross code.
graphic of Boxogram puzzle
The correct answer and the correct order solves this anagram puzzle.

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